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Brian S. - Brian S. - 10-27-2018

Hi, my name is Brian. I like to play mainly PC games with my free time. The MMO genre is my favorite. I also am an editor and administrator on the English Wikipedia and work on combating spambots among other problem users.

RE: Brian S. - Aaron - 10-27-2018

Welcome Brian to the forum. Man I remember you from back in the day Tongue

RE: Brian S. - Brian S. - 10-27-2018

Oh, yes. I was part of InvisionFree/ZetaBoards ever since 2003. Then I became interested in Internet Relay Chat a couple years later. I preferred more 'real time' chat systems for a bit, but haven't completely abandoned forums in general.

RE: Brian S. - Tony - 10-27-2018

* Tony waves