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    (11-04-2018, 04:51 PM)Aaron Wrote:
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    I think the major issue is how TapATalk deals with issues like this, most everyone here was a moderator or support staff for ZB. We had a "No linking to competing services" rule too, but we made it clear, we didn't hide it. Between the lack of communication TaT had with the IF/ZB stuff, and even to their own users about upcoming updates that will break stuff, we are not happy. Chris was the only one "willing" to talk to us (even though it was still in the wrong way), so that may be some of the "pro" chris bias.

    Side note: Did you know some one registered the link TaT changed your URL (the one with spammer in the name) to and pointed it to your forum? Tongue

    The users who came from Yuku and, the first "migration" group, were deceived in a similar or almost the same way as the IF / ZB users. Everything was promised to keep active users and their contents.  But IF / ZB users were wiser, especially those who wiped out the entire content and went elsewhere.

    I still remember all those sweet words of deceit, naive forum owners, their later disappointments and their banning. The program was created in response to such a situation. First, it was an ordinary first-aid kit and toy, now a serious tool.

    Thanks to the person who founded mentioned forum, I appreciate that. Smile
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