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    Hello! Long time IF/ZB user here, since 2004. 

    A bit about me I started off making car forums, went to miscellaneous, then settled on the topic of one of my favorite childhood games/character. Who is that? Sonic the Hedgehog!

    When I started my current forum there were literally hundreds of Sonic forums that used default, premade, or eye-searing skins. My goal was to have one that felt built from the ground up around my subject. With the flexibility and great community at IF/ZB I felt I created a better free hosted forum than any paid for self-hosted Forum out there. My forum eventually exploded and not only became the top Zathyus Sonic Forum but it was the most active on the web! Our top year in 2011 had over 260k posts.

    But when social media started taking over there was a huge dive in activity. When Brandon announced the takeover of TT I was excited, this finally meant we’d be getting updates! Since 2013 I felt we were starting to get a bit outdated and we got a few new things in 2014 but it wasn’t enough.

    Then we found out everyone was going to TT. I was disappointed but also hopeful that things would turn out decent. After giving them a fair shot I decided it wasn’t for me and moved to MyBB. Their policies are just too restraining for me and the weak CSS editor they put in wasn’t cutting it.


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