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Thread ModesWhat do you think is going on here?

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    So for people that don't lurk the Tapatalk boards, who is B2B and what is this program he advertises?
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    B2B is someone not affiliated with Tapatalk who developed a skin generator for Tapatalk and offers it to anyone who wants to use it. He supports it also on his release site, which happens to be hosted on ProBoards:

    Retro CSS

    Tapatalk groups doesn't even provide a CSS model that that people can modify, let alone any kind of premade skin gallery, so B2B's tool has been a life-saver for those that are not savvy enough to do their own CSS modifications.
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    I have a hard time believing someone that'd develop a tool that useful would spam people's inboxes with the link. That seems... weird.
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    I had someone PM me thanking me for my help on their thread and that I actually helped them instead of pitching a program/forum ad via PM.

    That would almost certainly refer to B2B, so at least one person can back Chris' statement.


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