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Thread ModesLife is Strange: Before the Storm

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    In Life is Strange: Before the Storm you play as Chloe Price a rebellious teen who becomes fast friends with Rachel Amber after Max's family has moved away. In the game Chloe's power is the ability to 'talk back' & get people to do what she wants. (Sometimes it's easy & sometimes it's hard!) You also get choices that you can make that influence the outcome of your game play. What choices will you make?

    I've played this title & I think it's really good. I've been thinking about replaying it again when I finish my playing through the first title. Is anyone else a LiS fan??
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    I've played this & the talk back feature is hard to figure out! I love Rachel, she isn't anything like how they made her out to be in the original game (with Max), but it's awesome how quickly their friendship grows. Big Grin
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    *Thanks queenzelda!


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