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Thread ModesThe Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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    The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, is a demo that informs those who play it about the introduction of the Life Is Strange universe & how DONTNOD mean to expand that universe through new game titles.

    Also.. When I first saw the trailer, the first thing that came to my mind was after seeing the kid's dad was that this kid is the love child of Frank (who the father looks like) & Kate Marsh. Yea, let that sink in fellow LiS fans. Tongue
    [Image: queenzelda_with_mage_primrose_by_queenze...cjlwz7.png]


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    Haha, I love that you thought that cause if you look at him.. Yea he looks just like a cross between the two characters you mentioned.

    I played this demo & it was a lot of fun. I wish there were 5 episdes of this title I could play tbh. XD
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    *Thanks queenzelda!


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