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Thread ModesGood morning, all!

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    * Ocelot⁃Jay struts in from the cold, wild yonder and sashays through into the kitchen, sniffing around for that long-missed ideal spot.  Ah, there it is. *curls up and claims this tile for himself.
    * Ocelot⁃Jay purrs warmly, contented even to see so may familiar names from the Good Old Days. Wub

    I'd meant to pop in and say hulloo much sooner, but life has been interesting.  Well, I was up anyway and trying to hack a clear path through the 400-odd messages from those clowns talking tapas. Dodgy  so I thought I'd register my nick.

    I hope everyone's doing well and if not, I hope everyone's causing mayhem. ;P

    I should probably try and get some sleep; I'll pop by a little later.
    Ciao for niao my sweets!
       Loona ClassicAaron  :Loth Jay   Kez 
    The Ocelot lives on.


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    * Tony tackles

    Welcome Jay! It's great to read you here!




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    (12-15-2018, 01:44 AM)Ocelot⁃Jay Wrote:
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    ..I'll pop by a little later..

    * Tony sets your pants on fire Cool


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    Hey Jay - good to see you found the last refuge of the remnant.
    Tapatalk people deleted my final post ever on the support board because it linked here. Not even to a competing service. Just here.
    [Image: Nicolas_Sig.png]

    [Image: vi6ybH7.png]


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