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Thread ModesWhat Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

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    Last night I popped in Gran Turismo Sport for some VR driving. I love just driving around in VR, feels like you’re actually in the car!


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    I'm still playing Minecraft, but I'm also making my way through Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, which is pretty fascinating.


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    I started a new Detroit: Become Human playthrough, letting other people make my choices for me to see how the story unfolds. :V
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    I don’t play new games anymore.

    On PC I’m playing Supreme Commander for the hundredth time.

    On iPhone I’m playing Civ VI which was just released for the platform. (I did play it on PC but it’s nice to play on the go). - Small community for all things Sci-Fi!


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    I'm still working on DQXI. I'm lvling up the group & I'm now on the 3rd act. I just have to get through a 3 tier trial, lvl up the rest of my group & then I'll be ready for the 'end game'. Too bad Luigi's Mansion is releasing soon & will probably distract me away from finishing. lol
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    Dragon Quest XI. Atmo I'm just hoping to have finished the game before Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu(Eevee) releases. ^^"
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    I started on the whole Fortnite thing.
    It's not so bad. I even won once.

    It's pretty fun.


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