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Thread ModesThe story behind your avatar!

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    If you uploaded your own avatar, what is it and why did you choose it?

    Mine is of my hair and plastic rimmed glasses (My two defining characteristics, apparently), when my hair decides to be nice and not flap around like a lost Tribble.

    I have three versions. Black, on a white background, the inverse version, and the emoticon version Sani



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    I used this Morticia avatar for one of the ZNR spooky events and really liked her attitude. It became my preferred avatar after that.  And I think that Caroline Jones was beautiful.

    Its a lot more representative of me than  my Ms.Green M&M avatar I used on my support account. But I liked that one two, and all the various seasonal iterations.

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    Ah, the fat chocobo. I was a big final fantasy fan back in the day. I suppose the chocobo represents my fast paced nature. Maybe not the fat one, but chocobos in general lol.


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    Primrose from Octopath Traveler. I really like her story & the way she looks, thus the current avy.

    [Image: avatar_17.png?dateline=1533841496]
    [Image: queenzelda_with_mage_primrose_by_queenze...cjlwz7.png]


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    It's Specter Knight.
    That's about it.


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    I don't know. I just get bored of the same thing. So I liked to change the avatars. I got sick of doing that manually, so wrote some PHP to do it for me. I spent more time debugging than it would have taken, total, to just upload a new image whenever. xD


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    On ZB Support I ran a Jeff Gordon avatar as he's a NASCAR driver I like, but on here at the moment I'm using Aro Rouon which is a furloid I like.


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    Mine is a two characters from the Katamari series, combined into one. The ninja aspect is a character called Ryu and the strawberry aspect is a character called Ichigo. Combined two of my favorites into one easier avatar.


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    (09-06-2018, 05:07 AM)vix Wrote:
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    the strawberry aspect is a character called Ichigo.
    "Ichigo" literally means "strawberry."
    So I guess that adds up.


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