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    System composition
    Prime focus parabolic antenna with carbon fiber ,corrugated horn, Rx-Tx duplexer and filter, AZ,EL,POL motor ,servo driver, inertial navigation system, GPS/BD锛坥ptional锛? beacon receiver, AZ,EL .POL angle sensor, main control board.
    System features
    Fast initial pointing, auto tracking of polarization, high automation and water-resistance radome.
    Product display
    Technical data
    Name 0.9m ku parabolic   COTM  Feed form Prime focus  
    Type SOMA-900-AEquivalent aperture 0.9mPOL Linear
    Frequency Rx锛?/span>12.25锝?/span>12.75 GHzGain Rx锛?/span>鈮?8.4+20lg锛?/span>f/12.50锛?/span>dBi
    Tx锛?/span>14.00锝?/span>14.50 GHzTx锛?/span>鈮?9.5+20lg锛?/span>f/14.25锛?/span>dBi
    Port isolation Rx-Tx 锛?/span>鈮?85 dBVSWRRx锛?/span>鈮?.5
    Tx-Rx锛?/span> 鈮?40dBTx锛?/span>鈮?.5
    Across polarization isolation 鈮?5dB锛?/span>axial 锛?/span>1st side lobe  AZ 锛?/span>鈮?-14 dB
    Interface form Rx锛?/span>N-50K锛?/span> Tx锛?/span>WR75Power capacity100 W
    Steady type 2 axis Radome insertion   loss  鈮?0.3dB
    Motion range AZ360掳 continuous    Revolution AZ鈮?60 掳/sAngular accelerationAZ 鈮?200   掳/s2
    EL10掳锝?/span>90掳EL鈮?60 掳/sEL 鈮?200   掳/s2
    POL卤 90掳POL鈮?40 掳/s
    Auto acquisition time Initial acquisition time   鈮?3minTracking accuracy 鈮?0.5dB锛?/span>R.M.S锛?/span>
    Blockage recovery   time  锛?/span>Blockage 20min锛?/span>鈮?5 sPointing method Automatic
    Controller type  19inch 1U case  Positioning mode GPS+BD
    Operating   temperature  -40掳C锝?/span>+60掳COperating wind velocity    21 m/s
    Storage temperature  -50掳C锝?/span>+70 掳CSurvival wind velocity    35 m/s
    Humidity requirement 95%锛?/span>20 掳C锛?/span>Protection grade  IP65
    Power 220V/AC锛?/span>50HzSystem power consumption    鈮?00 W锛?/span>excluding   BUC锛?/span>
    Selection of BUC Recommend to use  MITEC.Wavestream series  Selection of LNB Norsat HS1057B
    System weight 鈮?75Kg锛?/span>excluding BUC, LNB, case, packaging and   accessories etc锛?/span>
    Please click this e-mail if you have any On The Move Antenna in stock


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