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Thread ModesPlanet Nexus?

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    So what's happening with this project? Is it moving over to self-hosting and running a system like MyBB? will it support other self hosted platforms like Xenforo in the future? :Smile
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    Yes, and Yes.

    We have most of the coding set up now and are working on building the pages. It will not be dependent on any forum system and will work for any site, not just forums. We are taking bit of a new direction in that aspect, so some of the previous forum-centric perks will not be options in the new system. But there will be different goodies. Smile


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    Will it require to be added through board wrappers of sorts or will there be actual add-ons/plugins for specific systems such as Xenforo? Smile
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    You'll need to add a code snippet like you do now. It will create the NexusBar on your board, and open the NexusCP so that you can configure the system for your site.

    Most forum systems now have Members Online options or plugins and chat systems, so we will be discontinuing those. There will be other things that will be helpful to your forum. There will still be leader boards and statistics displays as we have now on the Wall. But it will be arranged differently. The navigation to access the pages of our subscriber sites will be set up in a different way and it should be a lot easier to get around and to comment and rate without the current confusions.

    Archer has completely re-imagined and rewritten the system to be super efficient and flexible. We are pretty excited about the potential and will hopefully be opening a beta forum and system before too long.


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