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Thread ModesA request to convert both of my forum themes to MyBB


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    Do you have permission from the theme creators to convert the themes? You'll need that for someone to take on the project.

    Sometimes there will be permission given in the release topic, but it is not assumed.
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    Hmm obviously the first theme that is blue and black I posted is created by someone named tiptopolive, but he hasn't been around on zetaboard for like a year now, and I'm awaiting him to come back online again some day to request his permission

    But for the second theme, I had looks around and had not found anything that looked like that on the codes and theme forum on Zetaboards support forum so far, so I'm not sure where one of our admin get the theme from, it could have came from a theme submission that has been deleted, but I don't know that for sure.
    This is the thread when they announce it that they implement the theme:

    Can you tell if they just assembled a custom theme layout that nobody else had ever maded?
    Maybe I should use the google search on one of the image element to identify their origin to know who made it

    Oh the image url traced back to this thread:

    So how do I contact tiptopolive then? I just found out the theme was modified in layout only so the rights to the images elements still belong to him?
    He isn't online anymore it seems:

    But wait... I found something else which did not exists in his theme... notice the left corner of the forum header of our theme


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    It says they got the theme from the premades. It also looks to me like it was adapted from a base theme (Black & Lime): also made by tiptopolive. Which makes sense if the installers liked his other theme as well.

    I would say that one is safe to convert. You might check tiptopolive's profile and see if there is an option to email him from the support forum.
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