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Thread ModesSo I broke the TaT ACP

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    I have  private chat group that is now on Tapatalk.  I wanted to create a test account so used the preregister/Invite page in the TaT ACP.

    I made some mistakes and it wasn't working, so I deleted the account and started over ( a couple times, actually.)  After I finally figured out what I was doing wrong (not turning registrations back on), the account was created and successfully validated, but at that point,  the ACP page completely broke and showed as some weird pre-formatted page version that just had suggested fields and no text area content.

    TaT support had to come in and fix it.  So it's official.  I blew up the ACP.
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    It was likely the language strings were not fetched correctly.


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    I probably should try to break it again.

    But I am reluctant to do their testing for them.
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    Here is the screenshot of the broken ACP Invite screen:

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