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Thread ModesMemories ZB/IF/ZNR/IFSZ

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    Thought it might be fun to post up some favorite memories of our times at our our former support board and satellites.

    I'll start:

    I remember all the drama at ZNB (Zathyus News Broadcast) with Lennie our favorite scoop reporter.   ZNB was always causing some uproar because of staff leaks or some other scandalous network behaviors.  Some of my favorites were when some were attacking support board staff and Stephen would motor on over there and post up one of his "wall o' text" arguments defending staff and/or the whole service from the latest accusations.   The arguments were so well constructed and so overwhelming that they were almost always unassailable by mere mortal posters. Big Grin    I wish I had logged some of them. They would have been a fun share now.
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    A pretty rich irony there, I think. Last man standing. ^_^
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    lol I knew this domain looked familiar but couldn't quite figure out why until I saw this. XD


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    That solves the mystery of why LastPass asked if I was changing my password after I registered instead of asking to save my info like it was a site that had never been added.


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    I know. Same thing happened to me. That's what made me look it up, actually.
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    I remember Star Wars Month in 2015.
    I had been lurking as a guest on ZB support for around a year at that point since I only grabbed the gallery themes and that was kinda it.

    But I saw how active things were and how much fun everyone was having so I decided to register and joined in.
    Had a lot of fun, even if I'm not a big Star Wars fan, especially the chaos that was the last day or two of Bomb Storm lol.


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    I remember winning the first ever anniversary. That was awesome!


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    When it was IFSZ and I had made graphic requests - looking back at the requests and the images I got from it.... Just reminds me of good times. I'm not sure who made them, but I know they were all requests that were on IFSZ. I remember all the communities I joined from IFSZ - mainly Kman's community though. Was semi-active at his forum actually. And I also found Anizone from IFSZ. Anizone is REALLY what got me addicted to forums. I loved working there and posting. Got up to 200 posts I think on the Invisionfree forum in the first few days then we moved to IPB. By the end of IPB I had 40,000 posts or more. It was crazy. 

    I also remember getting banned on IFSZ because of my age lol - I just barely realized this recently, i was never informed of why I was banned. xD So I know a few months later I ended up making a new account because I couldn't find my old account - but I think by that point I was the right age. 
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    (09-07-2018, 07:14 AM)Tony Wrote:
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    I remember winning the first ever anniversary. That was awesome!
    I remember having a really good time at anniversary celebrations, both before and after my staffification.


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