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    (09-08-2018, 04:55 AM)Tony Wrote:
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    (09-07-2018, 01:35 PM)Nicolas Wrote:
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    Similarly, the complete inflexibility about multiple accounts with the same email was a tremendous annoyance and required us to spend a fair chunk of change to have add-ons developed to help us get around that.
    Could you not use the domain for email accounts? Just set the default mail account to redirect to a catch all address, instead of .blackhole, and have the members set or something, this way you will not have a million email addresses set up (I don't know if you have unlimited, but still) and then auto validate without any email confirmation (unless that is a risk of spammers, then someone would have to keep clicking the links to validate. Tongue)
    They couldn't do password resets on their own, then - or get email notifications... or anything.
    The solution we came up with for the data import was to insert slugs into emails and strip them when password reset emails are sent (since not all mail providers ignore slugs). For example, gmail and hotmail is the same as This doesn't work on yahoo/most custom email setups. So we just inserted them to satisfy Xenforo and strip them for mail-outs.
    Then we had a sub-account system developed so people don't have to register with a new email every time and can just create a new username that they can switch into from their primary account at any time. So you only need one email to access all your accounts going forward.
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    Pftt at people actually using them for things.

    Doesn't Yahoo use . instead of + ?


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