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    I'm Gaomon274 and I'm a refugee from the ZB support forum.

    I usually lurk but been a part of the support forum the last three years and ZB forums on and off for around a decade.

    Enjoyed the folks I've talked to on there so figured I'd follow over to here. Big Grin


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    Hey cool to see you here Gaomon.

    I've been impressed with how helpful you have been to others trying to get and share information about what has been going on with the migrations. No easy task, it seemed.

    Welcome, and I'm pretty sure you will get issued a castaway survivor kit once Aaron finds the key to the locker again.
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    first release is imminent!



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    I figured I'd try to help people I can, especially since keeping up with updates would help the people that run the several forums I use keep on top of what's happening.

    Couldn't have done it alone though, you guys and the rest of the ZB community helped tremendously too.


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    Oh, hey! You made it!
    Welcome over here. Smile


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    Welcome. Smile


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