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Thread ModesRIP IF/ZB

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    (10-19-2018, 01:04 AM)Aaron Wrote:
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    (10-17-2018, 10:01 PM)Gaomon274 Wrote:
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    I've never seen a forum service owner so aggressive against people using his service.

    He had a gem from September telling people to stop complaining about an unannounced update they made as they could remove it in CSS.
    I've linked it on the Discord Esper in the past.

    Attached a screenshot of the deleted post of Winter's though.
    AKA 'we expanded too fast and our servers are unable to handle the amount of boards we forcefully moved over."
    Then he shouldn't have taken so much on all at once.
    [Image: chloe-13.png]

    *Thanks queenzelda!


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    You don't have a service if you don't have the server capacity for that service.
    You don't make money on a service you don't have.

    I don't see why these concepts are hard for Tapatalk to grasp.


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    While I'm sad to see so much of what ZB offered go, I have to say it is nice to be on a software that's actively developed again.
    And that talks about upcoming updates before they happen.
    And has developer previews for those updates to at least warn people before things break.
    And... ya... this is kind of nice.
    [Image: Nicolas_Sig.png]

    [Image: vi6ybH7.png]


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    * Tony pokes BetaBoards




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    Shame, it is. I'm going to miss IF.


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    I miss Zetaboards, too, but the way it was handled was sad and pathetic. So to say I have bittersweet feelings from this is an overwhelming understatement.


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    Its odd the way the links forwarding is working too. I have some ifrm image files that are still displaying and others that are not. (all hosted on the same board.) In fact, just the other day, I found an image on my website that still had a http://209..... IP URL that was still displaying. I don't even know how that is possible. But somehow there it was.

    You can't use TaT for an image host. Their upload URLs are all dynamic.


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    (02-09-2019, 07:24 PM)Helena Wrote:
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    You can't use TaT for an image host.  Their upload URLs are all dynamic.
    What can you use TaT for? Tongue - Small community for all things Sci-Fi!


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    It's getting trickier even to USE Tat at all. Now they are forcing everyone to log in to their forums with their TaT account credentials. You have to associate your TaT ID with your forum ID.

    This is annoying if you have one account on a site, but RPG forums where users have multiple accounts are going nuts with the news. I wonder if they will figure out something for them, or if they are just out of luck.


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