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Thread ModesRIP IF/ZB

  • Post #11

    I'm still checking in on it but the slow loading and the frequent server errors are frustrating.

    Though apparently if you're on the app they're less prone to happen according to another ZB refugee that's on TT Support.



  • Post #13

    (09-07-2018, 06:20 AM)Tony Wrote:
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    Am I the only one that never gained anything?

    Aside from you bunch of straglers that seem to pop up every few years and I can't shake. :glare:

    Nope I didn't gain anything career wise. I did learn CSS but that's about it. lol


  • Post #14

    The support board is over now. I am saddened. Sad

    It appears that sections are being locked randomly. As if organs are being removed before the body is mummified.




  • Post #17

    You're unable to post in the rest though and you can't see who is online anymore.

    At least I can't post on there.


  • Post #18

    We staff can still post. Muhuhahaha.

    Also, my section was locked. Sad

    I also noticed the lack of an online list. That makes no sense.


  • Post #19

    Well there is no one left for you to talk to there anyway. Tongue

    Stephen and Nicolas have both said their farewells.

    Other than scavenging trips, we are all basically done there.
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  • Post #20

    Pretty sad. It was a fun ride, all.

    Hello, by the way!


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