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Thread ModesZB refugee gathering places

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    Let's list them so that people can connect up on whatever islands our ZB castaways have landed.
    •  of course! Hosted by Sani and admined by Aaron

    • #zetaboards IRC channel is still open for business, thanks to Aaron and EA.
      Channel: #zetaboards

      Cory has started a resource board and is converting codes and skins/themes for that service. He's doing Tapatalk code requests there as well. Quite a few former ZB'ers have joined.

    •  - is the new forum home of Planet Nexus, which in it's 2.0 version will not be forum platform-centered, so once we are up and running, anyone will be able to register and use the system. We have a random chat thread where people tend to gather.

      Discord for Outline peeps

      Discord for ZBSupport/IcyBoard refugees (Made by Esper of Atrium)

      Discord to connect with tapedrive and other ZB admins

    I know there are a couple discord channels.  

    I'll add to the list in this post as people add their suggestions.



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    Here's the primary Discord we were using on ZB Support in case it should close suddenly. Also served as a hub for IcyBoards refugees, though not as many used it.
    Made by Esper of Atrium.


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