Full Version: What do you think is going on here?
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Check the URLs of the resources linked in those posts.

B2B has been offering his Tapatalk Retro-CSS skin generator to people for free.

But apparently that has ticked off the TaT peeps.
To be fair, I remember someone messaging me thanking me for help instead of just trying to pitch their forum/program and B2B had made a thread to message someone instead of PM'ing him.

With that being said, TT didn't handle it well by how they edited the posts and not marking the posts as edited by staff.

I don't think it's that he's advertising, as Skwerl has had his signature advertising his themes for TT since I started using TT Support in May and someone else made a thread promoting it in September which are still around.

It may be why B2B said he was leaving the service soon, or something like that.
B2B does seem a little gruff, but whatever his motivation, the tool he created is a really helpful one. It is sad that it will have to go underground to be shared.
Oh I bet its because its not hosted on a TT forum, but once again they half assed the filter/edit because it still advertise the provider B2B is using.
Wasn't a filter though, I remember they had legit links on at least one post.

I don't think they have a filter tbh, I've seen people be able to swear on there and then a mod removes the post later on for the swearing.

B2B has been banned.
Wonder why the random escalation. I hadn't seen him since the edited posts.
They had already labeled him as a spammer, banning would be the next logical step for any further action he might have made.
Oh I know. Just that I don't think he was banned when the edits happened and I hadn't seen him since then so unless he was in PMs with people I don't know what caused them to pull the trigger.

Their edits have also backfired, which Tapatalk hasn't noticed.
Well that is what happens when you half ass moderation.

I wonder who did it.
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