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    Look, I saw the section title, and I had to finish it with a very dated reference, and you're all going to deal with it. Angel 

    Anyway, I'm Electrocast, I've gone by other names [the relevant ones being Netkeeper, Electrocutioner, and Starlake] but my real name Maxie is fine too. [Hope that's not against the rules to disclose, it's my username on my own forum so I figure it'd be useful for reference if nothing else]

    If you don't mind listening, I'll tell you my forum story, since this is my thread and I feel like it. Wall of text alert:

    I've been using Invisionfree forums since 2004 and made my own in 2005, named Dungeon of Storms. It was just a forum for whatever I felt like putting on it, so it was pretty section-cluttered and messy looking for most if not all of its life. It wasn't interesting. In 2006 someone somehow got my admin password and deleted the members, then deleted the board itself. I was able to get it recovered through a support ticket sent from a temporary board. Support was pretty quick back then. I remember it only taking a day or less. It blew me away at the time, I was so happy to have my board back. The members that got erased right before deletion didn't get restored, but I didn't care, I had the posts back. And don't worry I've learned a lot since then about admin & password security.

    When I got the board restored, I felt the need to change its, and my own, name to keep it from being found again by the person that broke into my account, since that person was stalking me for a while. This is when I re-created its identity as Mystic Wish, which is what the board is known as today. It's still my "personal" forum, a home base for myself, as well as anyone looking for one, that would like my company on the internet. It's very fandom-focused, without being based around just ONE, since it was my forum and I was never able to pick just one.

    During the biggest activity periods of both Dungeon of Storms and Mystic Wish I was joining forums left and right, but I mostly stuck to IF/ZB, self-hosted phpbb, and Jcink stuff once it became a widely-used option [but almost never probards, I've always hated that one Tongue ]. I staffed some as well, both as mod and admin, though my admin roles were usually kept to design. I was member & staff at a variety of Sonic and Pokemon forums since there were so many, but I joined nearly anything I thought was interesting, even if I didn't understand the subject matter at all. Please tell me someone else remembers spam forums full of LOLRANDUMB humour!

    In the late 2000s/early 2010s I bought and experimented with self-hosting Mystic Wish. To be honest, I heavily enjoyed it. I'd recommend it any day to anyone considering it. My host [Dreamhost], at the time, had tons of one-click installation options. I didn't have to know how to install my board. I also played with that popular photo gallery [coppermine or something like that?] and other fun one-clicks, just because they were there and I could. I'm hoping so save up some cash, since I prefer to buy yearly, and self-host something again in the future. Not sure how near or far away that future is.

    Once I ran out of money for that, I moved Mystic Wish back to Invisionfree, and stayed there until Invisionfree was given the Tapatalk Ultimatum. I was staff at ZB forums before, I knew how to design and run one, so converting to that was vastly preferred over Tapatalk. Listen, I have a LOT of eye problems, and Tapatalk's bright white is too physically painful for me. I thought I'd be safe on ZB, but of course as we all know now, we were lied to, and I jumped on the offer to have my board scraped.

    In the meantime, I'd gone on with my roommate to start a new forum that we named after Mystic Wish's original name, Dungeon of Storms, on Icyboards. It was still a very new board when Icy announced their closure. Luckily I was also able to jump on the offer to have my database converted to Jcink. It was obvious what I had to do with both of my forums now, and that was to move them both to Jcink. I even bought premium service on Dungeon of Storms, with plans to add Mystic Wish to it in the future, mostly as a means of giving Tapa the finger if I'm honest.

    The transfer was not only a success but overall an upgrade to both boards. When I got Mystic Wish scraped, I was able to ask to have the posts with their authors changed to "guest" users due to the deletion in 2006 fixed. I also asked for a special scrape of every ZB forum I created that I still had admin access to, and have them all combined into my Mystic Wish jcink import, since all of those forums have long since died, I wanted to keep their archives accessible. Many of the same people joined my boards, so this combined everything into a big archive I still need to organise. But now I'll always have those posts and my friends can look back on them all in one spot.

    Now, for the future? Trying to find some new blood for my forums. And when I can get some free time, I'm going to launch a couple more that I've had planned for a while but haven't been able to get done due to moving from IF to ZB to Icy to Jcink all in one year. While trying to maintain my private & group roleplay projects. It's been an overwhelming year, guys.

    If you read all that, thanks, feel free to ask me stuff. Heart If not and you just wanna say hi, that's fine too. Just know I care a lot about my forums, the links are in my sig, and I'm really wanting some affiliates, lol.
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    It's hard finding new blood for role play forums. More so since your rp forum has a lot of history to it. That & sometimes some people who enjoy role playing tend not to mesh well together when they start posting. One will mess with the others character & the other person may not like it. I should know, I've been there before with new people. XD

    What kind of role plays do you enjoy?
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    (09-13-2018, 04:09 AM)queenzelda Wrote:
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    It's hard finding new blood for role play forums. More so since your rp forum has a lot of history to it. That & sometimes some people who enjoy role playing tend not to mesh well together when they start posting. One will mess with the others character & the other person may not like it. I should know, I've been there before with new people. XD

    What kind of role plays do you enjoy?
    Thankfully these days actual RP takes place more in chat-based areas than on my actual forums. Mystic Wish had its RP section removed in the late 2000s I think, but Dungeon of Storms is just a forum for RP-related discussion & character development without actual RP being required [though it does host the info & logs for my chat RP because I need somewhere to store that stuff].

    Well I mentioned I do panfandom RP, as I don't play OCs well. I can't become attached to them, I've tried and I just don't care about my own OCs much, but with a canon I already have that attachment. Basically, I'd prefer to play an already-established character AUed into a story, than make a character specifically for one story that will never see use again.

    Assuming I'm RPing with people that will play with this, the kind of RPs I enjoy tend to be smutty and slice of life ones. I also like urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, horror, sci-fi, and a mix of anything I listed... so long as I can have a good ship and smut. Tongue

    What I don't tend to play in are historical settings and high fantasy. I don't like the massive amounts of infodumping both of these genres almost require. I don't like RP that makes me memorise a glossary, lol

    (09-13-2018, 04:30 AM)Aaron Wrote:
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    Hello and welcome!
    I see we found IF around the same time, although I might have been in the later end of 2003 or early 2004.

    Do you remember how you found IF?
    You probably found IF earlier than I did, it was likely late in 2004 for me, probably the summertime since I was a kid sharing a computer at the time, that was back when I could only get online time at night.

    I found it through a website I visited, a Pokemon fanfic archive site that had a forum on IF. A handful of the members there had their own IF forums that I visited, and it wasn't long before I was one of them.
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    * Jonathan really should watch 300 one of these days...

    Welcome, Electrocast! Smile

    Definitely understand the difficulties of building and maintaining a community. It can be a full time job and sometimes you feel like you're not achieving much. Especially when certain hosts decide to sell out... =) - Small community for all things Sci-Fi!


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    Yeah, trying to get my communities to grow has almost always been an uphill battle. I've never been able to draw people in like I've seen happen in other administrator communities.
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