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    A simple question. What web browser[s] do you use?

    I almost exclusively use Firefox. I have a Chromebook that I occasionally use, and that's just about the only time I use Chrome at all because I don't like it. :C
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    Firefox most of the time but I also like Vivaldi.




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    I use Vivaldi.
    It's a good browser.


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    I currently use Firefox again. It's okay I guess. I previously used Vivaldi too, but it is built on Chromium, hidden away, as if they are ashamed. I got sick of it rather quick. It would always freeze after minimising, YouTube would repeat videos for no reason, videos would black out but the audio would continue, it would crash at times.

    Before that I used Chromium. I got sick of that too. Before that I used Midori, but it wasn't a stable release then, and would constantly crash. Before that, Konqueror. Firefox. Netscape. IE.


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    I use Chrome on desktop/laptop - have done for years.

    Before that I was devoted to Opera. Can’t remember why I stopped using it.

    I do use Safari on my iPhone. I did use Chrome for a time; unsure why I stopped using that either... - Small community for all things Sci-Fi!


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    I use Google chrome, Firefox, & have been giving the puffin browser a try. So far Google chrome is my favorite.
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    Firefox 60 ESR here. Also, Firefox user for twelve years, and counting Big Grin
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    I've been a diehard FireFox user since the early versions. However, the crazy update schedule, bloating and messing around with extensions has been frustrating. The last straw for me was FireFox removing the description field in the bookmarks.

    I've used that as a sticky for individual websites for years and have tons of info notes posted in theme. No replacement, just remove it. Well the heck with you then, FF.

    I use Pale Moon now, because I could import my FF bookmarks and PaleMoon supports the description field. It works like the old FireFox and most of my favorite extensions are viable again. It has a few quirks (like some sites see it as an outdated FF version), but on the whole I'm happy with it.

    On my Nexus tablet, I use Chrome.

    Safari on iPhone.

    I don't use either enough to have a good or bad opinion on them.


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    I have been starting to test out Brave, I am liking it, just sucks that extensions are at the control of the devs only it looks like. Also its lacking the screen shot feature of Firefox.

    Brave has adblocking and anti tracking features built in also forces https IIRC.

    I kind of feel like it is about time to part ways with Firefox despite using it for over 14 years now, as I don't like the direction the Mozilla execs have been taking for a while.


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