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    The zbForums Chatroom

    Our Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, channels provide an easy method of real-time communication for members.

    Basic IRC Connection Information

    If you know how to set up your client, these are the details you need to connect and join our chatrooms:
    • Server:
    • SSL Server:
    • Channel: #zetaboards
    Please be aware that our SSL certificate is self-signed, so you will receive a warning on connection.

    Connection HowTos

    Many IRC clients have their own help documents for step-by-step instructions. We recomend you read these, but if you require further help feel free to ask.

    Nicknames and NickServ Interaction

    A nickname - also referred to as a nick - is the name by which you appear to other users on IRC. While not required, it is a good idea to register your nickname with NickServ, our nickname management bot, before taking part in discussions. If you do register, each time you re-connect and return to IRC, you should IDENTIFY.

    To register use:
    /msg NickServ REGISTER your-password your-email
    To identify yourself (the login that must be performed on each visit) use:
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY your-password
    If you are connecting with a nick other than your normal nick, you can still identify:
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY normal-nick your-password
    If your connection drops, and you find that your nick is still active when you re-connect, you can remove the old nick by using:
    /msg NickServ GHOST realnick
    If you are identified to your account and that nick is grouped with the same account, you do not need to give the password.

    It is also a good idea to group realnick_ to your account. Upon re-connecting, your IRC client may append an underscore to your nickname as it believes your real nick is still in use (Pidgin will append a 1). You can group an alternative nick to your NickServ account, simply switch to it and use:
    /msg NickServ GROUP
    To change nicknames, use:
    /nick newnick

    All zbForums rules apply in our IRC channels as well. This means no profanity, abuse, or TOS violations. Our staff are usually available throughout the day to handle any troublesome users.

    If you feel offended, abused, or attacked in any way, feel free to speak directly to a channel operator in confidence. Most IRC clients allow you to open a query with a user by clicking their nickname in the user list.



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