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Thread ModesHey up Folks!

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    You know that feeling when it's July and then you find a Forums just like the old school Zetaboards Forums and it feels like a summer Christmas? No? Just me? Well, either way, it's honestly fantastic to see such a forum on the internet again before TT bastardised Zetaboards like they did.

    Hi guys, My name is Will although I also go by the nickname Warbler by my unimpressive ability to just constantly warble on and on...
    Glad to see some ZB Old Timers like myself on here (Old Timers? I'm barely 25 yet lol) and was just curious as to whether this is a one off forum or whether you guys will be releasing a website where others can start hosting forums just like this one with all the old Zetaboards Functions on them?
    I'm currently on Jcink at the moment and while I can't fault it, I still just can't hack the fact that it doesn't quite have that versatility that Zetaboards did. Not that JC won't have that in the future perhaps.

    Anyways, enough Warbling. Nice to meet you all (Y)


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    Hi Will!

    This forum is self-hosted based on the free MyBB software, an option you could look into for your community.
    Nobody's planning to start another free forum host (to my knowledge), this forum merely exists for the sake of helping old ZB people stay in touch if they so desire!
    [Image: Nicolas_Sig.png]

    [Image: vi6ybH7.png]


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