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    Large-scale horizontal mixer features advantages:
    1. With geared motor, low noise, durable
    2. Complete the uniform mixing in a short time, low energy consumption, high efficiency
    3. There are 3 circles of large spirals in the machine to restrain the dead corner of the machine, there is no phenomenon of uneven stirring
    4. The maximum spiral circle is within 0.5 centimeters from the inside of the machine to achieve virtually no non-uniformity
    5.Feeding material from the top of the machine to feed the lower end of the machine, convenient to save time is a feature of the Shenglu Machinery Factory
    Precautions before using large-scale horizontal mixers:
    1:Before using, one empty test machine should be used. Before the test machine, the degree of sturdiness of all connecting parts of the horizontal dry powder mixer, the amount of lube oil in the reducer and the integrity of the electrical equipment should be checked, and then the main switch should be closed. , access to power supply, empty test machine
    2. In the use of a horizontal dry powder mixer, if abnormal vibration or strange sound is detected, stop immediately
    3. The load of the mixer should not be too large. Generally, it is measured by the load of the motor. The heavy load current of the 380V motor when mixing is not more than 6 ampere. It is normal if abnormal vibration or abnormal vibration is found during use. Sound, should immediately stop the mixer for a full inspection
    4. Managers must be familiar with the technical performance, internal construction, and the use of control structures for horizontal dry powder mixers. Do not leave the workplace during operation to prevent malfunctions and damage to mechanical parts, so as to ensure safe production.Plastic Auxiliary Machine suppliers


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