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    Product Description
    CCD Camera coffee bean color sorter machine is based on differences in the optical properties of coffee bean, it used the photoelectric technology in the bean color of the particles automatically sorted out, so as to improve the quality ofcoffee bean and remove the contamination.

    The mini intelligent full-color CCD coffee bean color sorting machine using 53.88 million high-resolution pixel camera for the selection of bean color image acquisition and comparison,The system is compared the reject with the raw material image, The moldy, discolored beans, stones and other different color particles will be sorted out, Effectively improve the quality of coffee.

    Type classification:Mini intelligent full-color CCD Coffee Bean color sorter machine, intelligent full-color CCD 2 chutes Coffee Bean color sorter machine, intelligent full-color CCD 4 chutes Coffee Bean color sorter machine, intelligent full-color CCD 6 chutes Coffee Bean color sorter machine, intelligent full-color CCD 9 chutes Coffee Bean color sorter machine, Applicable to different production capacity processing company.

    Mini intelligent full-color CCD coffee bean color sorter have small size big capacity, the capacity is about 0.5T/H, Compared with the artificial screening,Our coffee bean colour sorter is faster, more efficient, selecting more cleanly, cost saving, and reduces waste.

    Technical Parameters
    Sorting Accuracy(%)鈮?9鈮?9鈮?9鈮?9鈮?9鈮?9
    Voltage (v/Hz)220V 50HZ220V 50HZ220V 50HZ220V 50HZ220V 50HZ220V 50HZ
    Power Supply(Kw)1.0-1.31.4-1.82.5-2.94.8-5.24.8-5.28.5-10.9
    Air Consumption(L/min)<1000<1800<3200<4800<4800<6100

    Sorting Performance
    1.Remove shells,black beans,insect damage,discolorration,professing damage,broken and chipped out.

    2.Sorting by the density of roasted coffee bean color.

    3.Separate black bean out from green coffee beans

    What Is Color Sorter?
    Color Sorters are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them.
    The coffee bean sorting technology is according to the color differences of coffee beans materials, using a high-resolution CCD optical sensor to separate different toasted coffee bean, shells, black beans, insect damage, discoloration, processing damage, broken and chipped etc. Sorting machines improve product quality and add social benefits.

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