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    I am just one of the users (now an emergency admin) of some Zetaboards forums that had created their board started from the early of 2011.

    Just only looking for help to convert our former Zetaboards site's skin for future use with MyBB or PhpBB if we decide to stick with it.
    MyBB seem to looks like a decent forum platform for me to learn


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    Hello there, welcome to our little corner of the internet!

    Have you already saved your ZetaBoards CSS and image files?

    myBB is pretty good, though some parts of it can be confusing.


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    Welcome, and something that may help recreate your themes is to save your pages to the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive) before your ZetaBoards is assimilated. Make sure the theme you are saving is set as the board default, and save index, forum, post page, calendar. That way you will have a record not only of what it looks like, but a functioning HTML page on the Wayback Machine to refer to. Any images not already saved can be harvested from that archived page. Also, take screen shots of your userCP area and reply pages and any other pages with special customizations.

    I definitely think MyBB is more user-friendly than phpBB. The latest versions of phpBB have removed all theme customization controls from the adminCP. It all has to be done via the host files.


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    Oh I didn't save that User CP and Reply section before my board converted but luckily I have some other boards which I am an admin of that didn't converted, and I did copied down my whole site CSS now

    Does it works if I save the webpage as a complete html archive too?


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    Quote: Does it works if I save the webpage as a complete html archive too?

    Yes, but converting it to something other than JCink would be a pain. I wonder if there is a theme for myBB that is similar to InvisionFree.



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    I'm just here to say hello. I'm not very helpful. Big Grin


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