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    Hi all!

    It's hard to believe how long a lot of us have been at this now... 

    The Early Years

    It all started back in 2003 when I joined a Star Trek role playing board (Powered by this really cool, cutting-edge software called "INVISIONFREE")

    Anyway, this was my first experience with "IF" and after a while I started my own role playing forum. This quickly led me to the IF support forums where I somehow took enjoyment telling people how they too could set their permission masks correctly, and quickly racked up 5 or 6 thousand posts of absolute robotic nonsense.

    Back then, I was known as "TFMF". Not sure who remembers what that stands for...

    The Support Teamy Years

    At some point the quality of my support must actually have gotten to a recognisable point (Or perhaps they just got really desperate?), and on April 1st 2006, Brian approached Ryan (some other unfortunate sole...Pete?) and myself about becoming staff.

    Since he chose April 1st to send the invitation, none of us believed a word, but a few weeks later, it was the blues for us! Smile

    In the years that followed, I did also have a year or two stint as Support Admin, but things got a bit chaotic at this point and I stepped back down to Support Team. I've remained on the team ever since.


    In real life, I'm from Scotland, I'm a (very recent) dad of 1 boy, have 3 dogs, a bearded dragon, and work as a technical administrator at a ship supply company.

    Despite all the history, I haven't quite hit my 30's yet. Bonus! Whistle - Small community for all things Sci-Fi!




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