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    Hey everyone I'm new here, how's it going?

    Sorry for the late intro, I registered an account here LITERALLY before I was due to leave the country. And I hadn't the chance to post until now because since I've been back, I was busy making sure that my scraped forum data was good before I deleted my original forum.

    Anyway, you may not know me, but you likely have seen me around on a few forums.

    I have been a user of Invisionfree since about 2003 but I didn't register an account on IF Support until about 2004.

    I had been using IF until leaving for Jcink in 2008.. but still lurked around on the IF forums I used to be active at.

    I sort of dropped in activity as I became busy with my own self-hosted forum, but I came back after learning about IF/ZB's acquisition by Tapatalk.

    And after being spammed by Tapatalk about the forums that had already been converted and having gotten NO warning about the pending conversion of mine or my brother's forums to Tapatalk, I made the decision to have my forum scraped and then deleted the original forum once I was sure that I had everything.

    It was bittersweet since it was the first forum I registered 14 years ago on IF after leaving PB, but I didn't want my former members to be spammed by Tapatalk in the same way that I am now.. and so here I am.

    Anyway, I am from NYC, happily married and will probably be owning my forum until I draw my last breath.

    But, enough about me, how are you guys doing?





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    Hey there, Black Angel!


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    I must have misplaced my teddy bear. :erm:


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