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    Hello there,

    Former President George .W. Bush here, the 43rd President. Glad to be here! You may also remember one of the other usernames I used on the support or resource boards: K2323, Karabox, or Kaleb. I've been around these parts since 2005 when I joined my first Invisionfree board at the age of eleven. That board is long gone, but I created a few for myself after enjoying being a member on the first. It got me into web design and ultimately played a major part in getting me where I am today: A full stack developer who gets paid to write code!

    I've run several forums on several hosts over the years, but right now I'm only really a co-admin on one. It's a roleplay forum I started way back in 2006 which has continued in many forms and iterations to this day. We went from IPB 1.3 (Self Hosted) in 2006 -> ClicDev (not my idea) -> Invisionfree -> Zetaboards -> SMF (Self Hosted) -> IPB 3 (Self Hosted). Lots of moves but it happens when you've been around as long as we have! We're currently doing major renovations but maybe someday I'll post the link.

    Good to be on board.

    Yours truly,

    [Image: 83877190-composite-image-of-happy-labor-...n-flag.jpg]


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    I actually liked GW Bush. Tongue I think his policies were swallowed up by the President who came after & every one blamed it on Bush when he wasn't the person to blame.

    Any way, welcome aboard. ^^
    [Image: queenzelda_with_mage_primrose_by_queenze...cjlwz7.png]


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    Welcome to the forum!


    @QueenZelda that is the wave of history, every president gets blame and praise of things the previous one did, especially when it takes a while for any noticeable change to take effect.

    That being said, Bush wans't the best nor was he the worse. From what I read a few years back (well into Obama's Presidency) if 9/11 didn't happen Bush might have been viewed better (and been more effective as a President) as he was more fit to be a peace time president.


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