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Thread ModesRIP IF/ZB


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    I wasn't on it for as long, but it was extremely important to me in my formative days as I found my way around the internet.

    I may have fallen off the place in the last few years, but I probably wouldn't be anywhere I am on the internet today without that community, so it still holds a special place in my heart. I'll miss it dearly.


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    My board was on it for 13 and a half years before being destroyed about two weeks ago.

    RIP the support forum. Had a lot of nice people help me out over there. Both on IF and ZB.

    Such a waste and a shame.


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    Such a shame to see the support forum convert. Thought it would've been the last to go, would've been the decent thing to do Sad


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    Its bizarro world now there. And getting connection errors everyother page load or so.

    O well, it won't even be there much longer, so I guess we just watch it sink beneath the waves at this point.
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    It's a real shame, that's for sure. Like EA, the ZB community was an enormous influence in my early years. I'd definitely have a much different career and life if it hadn't been there.



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    Am I the only one that never gained anything?

    Aside from you bunch of straglers that seem to pop up every few years and I can't shake. :glare:



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    (09-06-2018, 04:51 PM)Reid Wrote:
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    I'd definitely have a much different career and life if it hadn't been there.
    I credit not the support board itself but InvisionFree as a whole for starting my journey into computer programming.

    Thankfully it didn't take me too long to branch out from JavaScript.


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    Well whether people intended to dessert the support board or not after the migration, it is happening because you can't navigate it now without constant page load errors.

    No one is going to put up with that for very long. At least support won't die a lingering death. It's pretty much done now.

    RIP indeed. The end of an era.
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